DET 115  JULY 1969


             Hank Ebert and a Hanger full of Japanese Zero's                                                       Japanese Zero in a Hanger

                                 Ariel View of Southern Japan                                                                                    Oil Tanker

                Showing HC-34 to Japanese Base Personnel                                                  H-34 making a stop at a Japanese Defense Base

              Ebert sitting of the deck of the USS Maury AGS16                             PO3 Ebert - Lcdr Jowers - Lt Allen (killed in H-3 crash)

                              Part of Detachment 115 crew                                                                 H-34 on USS  Maury AGS16  Det. 115

                          Watching a High Line Personnel Transfer                                                                             H-34

                                                Sunset at Sea                                                                       #2 Shore Camp of the SeaBee's -Korea

                                           SeaBee Base Camp                                                                                  ROK Navy Camp

                                     #2 Camp - Korean Driver                                                                     #2 Camp -   Korean fishing Boat

                                                                        Light House located near #2 Camp

                                      ROK Camp Navy Camp                                                                   Korean Bunker, trenches   

                       Building Damaged when trucks brakes failed                                                Korean Fishing Village   

           H-34 hauling - EQ to the SeaBee's on ULUNG-DO Island           Korea seen from the Helo Deck of the USS Maury AGS16

                                 The USS Maury AGS16                                                                    The Port of Pusan, Korea  

                                                                         Flight Deck Director -  Davenport - Landing H-34  

                                             H-34 Landing                                                                                       Helo Landing Pad  

                            Fishing Village - ULUNG - Do Island                           Where H-34 almost slid off a mountain, cross wind   - CLOSE CALL

                                    Korean Fishing Village                                                                                  Korean Shoreline

                           SeaBees in a field of their own                                                                Korean Soldier - a Reservist

                                        More SeaBee's                                                                                      Light House

                                  Rugged Country in Korea                                                                                    Cliff

                            Some more Korean Landscape                                                         Village People with Elder and Lt. Allen

                  Kids picking Mulberry leaves for silk worms                           Again, children picking Mulberry leaves for the silk worms

                                A Korean Village Girl                                                                                         Korean Kids