Photo's from a collection of Ltjg  Richard H. Wilcox
Circa  1951 to 1954

           Bringing back remains of crashed helicopter                        DUKW bringing Lorac Station Ashore on Cat Island

     Large Helicopter with hanging antenna for Lorac Station                        Ensign Garrison taking a ride in our Bell  Helo

Helicopter Crash Nova Scotia Lt. Wilcox and Pilots aboard                                 LORAC Tower almost up

              Lorac Tower at Long Island                                           Lt. Wilcox  awaiting flight with Lorac Reciever

               Typical LORAC Station                                                       Whale next to LORAC Bouy off Bermuda

 Large Sikorsky used to transport LORAC to Islands                    Off loading LORAC stations in San Juan, Puerto Rico   
           Dinner is served on Sound Boat #3                                             Chuck Purdy pushing Soundboat #3 off a reef

  L to R  Holmes, Matson, Fetzer, Johnson, Purdy fixing                              L to R   Wilcox, Spina, Holmes & Fetzer
                             a control tower  

        Land locked at low tide, a much needed day off                                  Inking charts at days end, Johnson and Wilcox

Sound boat #4 Docked at Ras Miashab

           Anchored in the Persian Gulf                                                           Small soundboat comes along side

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