Images from the photo album of MM2 Fred Selby
USS MAURY AGS16   1951 - 1955

          MM2 George Hubbard adjusting makeup f eed                              MM2 Paul Lacerte cutting in steam to the
             water to the Main Condenser  (circa 1952)                                    Ship Service Turbine (circa  1952)

                                    MM1 Bob Ensinger, MM1 George Hubbard, MM3 Fred Selby         
                                        at Ship's PicNic at Horseshoe Beach, in Hamilton Bermuda (circa 1953)

                                                   MM1 Mellon and MM1 Wilbert Roberts at a Beer Party
                                                    Horseshoe Beach,  Hamilton, Bermuda  (circa 1953)

                                                     Commanding Officer Cmdr Heath getting ready to go
                                             Ashore in the Pursian Gulf for a little Alcoholic beverage (circa 1953)

Cmdr Heath enjoying a Brewski on the way to the beach  (circa 1953)

                                           Card Game  above No. 2 Hold, Left to right  MM3 George Hubbard
                                     MM1 Wilbert Roberts, MM2 Fred Selby and MM2 Paul Lacerte (circa 1953)

                                   After Engine Room Crew, front row,  MM3 Archie Davey, MM3 George Hubbard
                                 FN Lyle Rayner , second row, FN Jimmie Fidler, MM1 Tom Holden, MM2 Fred Selby,
                                                third row, MM1 Wilbert Roberts, and MM3 Lenny McCoy.

                                                First night of Liberty in Naples, Italy   (circa November 1952)

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