OPEN BRIDGE AND TEXAS TOWER                                                                    SUBIC BAY, P.I.

                                          USS LIPAN ATF-85                                                                             KING NEPTUNE AND HIS COURT

                                     POLLYWOG FUN                                                      AND YOU ARE CHARGED WITH!!!  Lt Merwin Price Porter in
                                                                                                                                                                    the white beret            

                                      PARTY, PARTY, PARTY                                                      WHEN WE'RE DONE WE'LL NEED A SHOWER
    Ltjg Gerald Weldon Hayes(M Division)  Ltjg Richard Emch(R Div)                                            LTJG Richard Sidney Emch    

                                   USS SERRANO AGS-24                                                                          USS PAUL REVERE APA-248

         Chinese Family from the "New Territory" outside Hong Kong       Ltjg Matthews(2nd Div) and Ltjg Billy Lee Hewitt(3rd Div) at Kamakura

                                                                                                     Kamakura Budda in Japan

lft to rt Ltjg Emch, ??, Ens Pettit, Ltjg Hewitt, Ltjg G. Herm Tslepsis                                             Ltjg Sidney Emch

L-R Ltjg Max Warren(M Div), Ltjg Emch, Ltjg Tslepsis, Lt Lusk                                     USS PAUL REVERE APA-248
                                               HELO AND CAPTAINS GIG                                                           FROM THE BOW OF THE USS MAURY AGS-16                                      

Ltjg Joel Walker in front of the Kamakura Budda in Japan

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