From a Photo Collection of BM3 C.W. Lewis

1965 - 1967

      Yikes, me with no hair                     Taking life easy next to the beach                     Marine SGT Dunn
USS Serrano  AGS-24  our Running  Mate                  Refueling at Sea  USS Mispillion AO105

                 BMC  Robert Nelson                               Getting a Little Viet Namese Sun

Me on the Fan Tail of Our Sound Boat                Swim Call, Cam Rahn Bay

       Me, Armed and Dangerous                    Just a Little Grass Shack in Viet Nam

          Me in a Fox Hole                                                        Morning Colors

                                        Norrell, Chief Nelson, and Fred Conley

Sound Boat One Damaged by Hostile Fire                      View of Cebu City

          Cam Rahn Bay, Viet Nam                 BM3 Chuck Lewis Manning the 20 MM

 BM3 Chuck Lewis guarding one of our 20 MM Guns                  A Bearded BM3 Chuck Lewis
           RM2 Ed Estes and BM3 Chuck Lewis                                Sound Boats Seven and Eight       
              Deck view of our anchor in the water                  USCG  WPB  Point Kennedy bringing back   SB #1

Closer view of damaged Sound Boat #1 and Pt Kennedy                         The Chinese Junk Fleet

                Helocopter Gun Ship                                                         Some of the Helo's armament

                 Helo up, up and away                                            Picture perfect view, made for a Post Card

Nothing more beautiful than a Pacific Ocean Sunset               USS Mispillion AO105  Floating Refueling Station

         WPB Kennedy and  a Damaged SB #1                                RM2 Ed Estes manning the gun
             Sound Boat #1  Underway                                                Sound boat #7 also Underway

                         Manning the Rails                                                   Shift Colors, Ship Underway

                   Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard                                            Our wonderful bunks

           Sound Boat Seven on Her Pearch                                        Sound Boat Eight on Her Pearch
Click Here  To see Radio Message about the Sound BOAT BEING HIT BY HOSTILE FIRE

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